Accredited Exercise Physiologist – Who Are We?

Exercise Physiology relates to the function of the human body during various exercise conditions. Accredited Exercise Physiologists (AEPs) are widely recognised as the highest qualified health professionals in the design and delivery of exercise services.

An Exercise Physiologist has completed a 3 or 4 year university degree. Personal Trainers, a profession that is more familiar to the general public, can train from 6 weeks to 6 months for their qualification. Exercise Physiologists study the science of exercise. They thoroughly study the anatomy, physiology, biology and chemistry of the body, to understand the effect exercise has on the body. A depth of understanding on a broad range of chronic diseases, such as diabetes, obesity and depression is attained by an Exercise Physiologist. The effect of exercise on chronic disease states, the prevention of chronic disease and general health principles are focus points of the study. Current evidence-based scientific research on exercise is used during exercise physiology studies to form a broad range of knowledge and skill sets relevant to exercise prescription in the field.

An Accredited Exercise Physiologist has gained Accreditation from Exercise and Sports Science Australia (ESSA). To gain Accreditation, detailed proof must be given to detail university knowledge in many categories. It must also be seen that the Exercise Physiologist has had a minimum amount of clinical practice experience, in three areas of rehabilitation:

  1. Metabolic/cardiopulmonary
  2. Neuromuscular/ neurological/ musculoskeletal and
  3. Apparently healthy clients

The scope of practice for an AEP is wide ranging. Their skill sets allow them to work within numerous fields of the health and fitness landscape. Often AEP’s will work with medical practitioners and other allied health professionals to design and deliver exercise for individuals with chronic disease such as diabetes or arthritis. Other avenues include working with elite athletic populations to improve performance, and delivering fitness outcomes for individuals concerned with improving their biomechanics and aesthetics.

When considering a lifestyle change, an AEP may be an essential aspect of your success. As AEP’s we believe that the greatest gift you can give – your greatest legacy, is to improve quality of life.